MAYA is for dogs.

We research, design, develop, and produce a selection of bespoke products that exclusively cater to their health and happiness.

Masters of living moment to moment. They embody the simple and profound art of being. In a world awash with indifference, they declare a joyful rebellion. Whether in moments of elation or for reasons undefined — the cause remains irrelevant.

Even the daily walk goes beyond mere exercise; it becomes a journey. Uncovering new paths, encountering fellow creatures, and relishing the shifting scents from one step to the next. It becomes a small-scale mirror of life's unceasing evolution.

They see the heart within. Their love is boundless, and in it, we find acceptance. Emotional anchors in a storm of existence. They teach us to love without conditions. To see souls, not surfaces.

Their wordless companionship speaks volumes. It shows us the power of connection that transcends language. The silent symphony of empathy.

In their presence, we find solace.
In their gaze, a profound understanding.
In our belief, as they thrive, a more joyous, abundant animal emerges.


Minimalism: Emphasize simplicity. Remove unnecessary elements. Create elegant and functional products with a focus on essential features.

Sustainability: Create products that minimize negative environmental and social impacts, conserve resources, and promote long-term ecological balance.

Transparency: Operate with openness and honesty. Provide clear and accessible information about operations, production, and sourcing.